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Most Totally Awesomest Lego Music Video (Re)Enactments, Ever

in what will hopefully be regular feature on Stylus (as long as that dude who filmed Reginald Denny getting beaten from a helicopter doesn’t get his way), we present our stash of YouTube clips worth watching. Or not worth watching. Or worth watching because they’re not worth watching. You get the point. On with the show…

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. That's a bunch of bullshit. Now, imitation via the popular Lego series of children's toys (especially when engaged in acts either naughty or violent)—that's a different story…

The Automatic - Monster

Well, first up, not much naughty or violent going on, but then it's some kind of freaking emo song or something. Very professional, though—this could almost be the real video for this horrid little number. Excellent use of black and white, Lego men thrashing on makeshift guitars, an ice-cream truck gone renegade and the villainous beast played by Bizarro Quinn from SeaLab 2021 in a Jawa outfit. Quality production and MPEG Rip + YouTube Lego video = fairly tedious. Hey, a lot like emo!

Daft Punk - Crescendolls

Look, if Lego men are going to jack, they're going to jack to some form of excessively buoyant, aggressive music, not tuneful pop-punk. And they're going to do it whilst being run through an Amiga's animation rendering program as you smoke a joint in the AV Lab.

Ministry - Thieves

Here we go! The springboard is the live video for "Thieves," but that's really just an excuse to make a Lego Al Jourgensen, complete with black cowboy hat and six-guns. Performing in front of some groovin' gents from the Lego Space series, the proceedings are rudely interrupted by... what is that? Some monstrous dinosaur-like tank made out of... Robotix? Oh, I get it... "Thieves!" Luckily, Al's on tap to save the day with some Skywalker vs. AT-AT moves. Getting every reference in this video makes me want to take a shower. Now.

O-Zone - Dragostea Din Tea

Oh, even better. Romanian goober-house monstrosity from 2004 gets a completely irony-free rework in Lego. Or is it? The homoerotic overtones here make the Village People look like Up With People! In fact, I think I see the cop moonlighting on that plane wing... or is it the cowboy? Was there a cowboy? You know, as a child, I always knew there was something subversive and sinister lurking in those little heads with their knobs on top...

T-Pain - I'm in Luv (Wit a Stripper)

A miraculous Lego simulacrum of T-Pain hugs the microphone and belts out his tender ballad about... well, being in love (or something) with a stripper. Helpfully, the dancers—who remain fully clad and all of whom are superficially male, including the one that looks like Casper with a rubber chicken on his head, and who do nothing apart from breakdance badly—are atop a box upon which an eight-year old has written "strippers." Mercifully, the final scene, in which our boy T beds one of the STILL FULLY CLOTHED "strippers" is cut prior to any kind of luv-making.

Michael Jackson - Thriller

Betcha never seen one Lego taunt another while moonwalking, have ya? OK, so the backgrounds are a bit understated, a bit Junior High production of A Midsummer Night's Werewolf Comedy, but you almost have to respect someone who has the patience to create a quarter-hour effort in the medium of Lego. Sure, it'll take your whole ciggy break to watch, but the army of dancing zombie Legos and the bloodcurdling final sequence reminiscent of Evil Dead 2 make it totally worth it. Bonus points for the (non-Lego) grave marked, quite simply, Elvis. The winner, if only for sheer chutzpah.

By: Mallory O’Donnell
Published on: 2006-09-07
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