Almaty or Bust!: Central Asian Music In Words and Pictures

By: Michael Heumann

Posted 08/18/2004 - 08:00:25 AM by jlynch:
 I would just like to stress Ted Levin's importance in Huun-Huur Tu's success in North America, seeing as he was (I believe) their tour manager for at least one of their tours. GREAT article by the way. I'm only adding the above tidbit because of the question you posed over Tuva's relative success in the western world.
Posted 08/18/2004 - 08:29:25 PM by mheumann:
 I wasn't aware that Levin was Huun-Huur Tu's tour manager, but there's certainly no question about the role he plays in bringing Tuvan and other Central Asian music to a wider audience. Thanks for reading! mh