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Syd Barrett

By: Mike Powell

Posted 07/12/2006 - 11:40:37 AM by bassman08:
 Who the hell was the douchebag interviewing them? He seemed like a real prick. "It's too LOUD for me, and really repetitive, so I don't like it at all..." Asshole.
Posted 07/12/2006 - 01:45:04 PM by PowerRanger:
 steady on, bassman. just because you disagree with him, doesn't mean he's an "asshole". I don't think he said he didn't like them /at all/. take it easy..
Posted 07/12/2006 - 04:00:15 PM by bassman08:
 OK, so I exaggerated a wee bit. But he's still a bit of a douchebag.
Posted 07/12/2006 - 04:20:57 PM by hunky_dory:
 No, that guy was an asshole. A complete asshole. A German asshole named Hans. He was a total prick because Pink Floyd didn't make classical music. Asshole. Syd did a fine job defending his band, however.
Posted 07/15/2006 - 02:23:22 AM by theonweber:
 My knowledge of Barrett was (is) almost zilch. Nothing I've read since his death has made me regret this more than this article.
Posted 07/17/2006 - 11:50:06 AM by prohibitedart:
 It's very strange to view this after so many years. Hans obviously didn't understand their music calling it "a regression to childhood" or something. I can't imagine anyone saying that about Syd Barrett or his music today.
Posted 07/20/2006 - 09:21:02 PM by allison1:
 I watched "The Wall" for the first time yesterday, drunk as a skunk, and it seemed like Fantasia with an Oedipus complex. Today I read this article and wonder why it couldn't have been better.