A Week in the Musical Life

By: Mike Powell

Posted 12/06/2004 - 05:17:36 AM by NickSouthall:
 The best thing about Ultimate Kylie is the sequencing - the first disc is all the pre-94 SAW pop tat, and utterly disposable. I guess it's interesting from a pop-historical POV (seeing just how fascistically regimented all the productions are, establishing the chorus melody in the intro and then getting there as fast as possible through the verse, plus those drums! those keysboards!), but it's really not enjoyable, even if you were 8 at the time and thought Kylie was the best thing EVAH.

But the second disc, wow! Sophisti-pop par excellence, only "Red Blooded Woman" lets it down, but even that's redeemed by forgotten gems like "Confide In Me" - which pre-dated Madonna's "Frozen" by four years, and did it a hell of a lot better. OK so the indie stuff was ill-advised, but you can't argue with "Slow" or "I Believe In You".

Initial promos of this were sent out with the wrong tracklisting, and the tracks were sequenced entirely chronologically, but on the finally realised version that ended up in the shops the Nick Cave duet comes last - from Neighbours to Murder Ballds in under a decade - she's some girl.
Posted 07/31/2006 - 04:59:06 AM by eldarko:
 Mike, thanks for giving us a slice of your life up there. You know, it always saddens me that you Stylus dudes peel away all the surface to show us your inner emotions and then get greeted by a great vacuous show of nothing from your readers. So, I say it, great piece, Mike. And yeah, have to also agree that those early SAW Kylie songs were all empty, 'fascistically regimented' showtunes. I'm off to listen to some Afghan Whigs and get down to some work. It's Monday morning...
Posted 07/31/2006 - 08:41:08 AM by NickSouthall:
 If you look closely you'll see that my "first" comment on this article is dated over 18 months ago and is for a COMPLETELY different piece. I can only assume that there's a glitch in our coding / templates somewhere, and apologise for this. Hopefully it will be rectified at some point in the near future.
Posted 07/31/2006 - 12:30:26 PM by eldarko:
 Ha ha! I did think it was a little out of place, but that it was just an in-joke between you lads...
Posted 08/01/2006 - 01:53:15 PM by arlucasinc:
 Great piece, man. Thanks. That's all I can really say for now.
Posted 08/04/2006 - 06:26:41 AM by Sutrarama:
 I just signed up so I could say how much I appreciated this, and articles like this (say Soulseeking). As eldarko said, it is a great piece, and its a shame that this seems the only place where you can read the word of people that love music and actually react and have emotions relating to it. No wonder I stopped buying magazines (well, except the occasional hhc or plan b). And I am stupid enough to have spent the past couple minutes what Kylie did on the first two aphex twin albums...