On Second Thought
Prong - Prove You Wrong

By: Cosmo Lee

Posted 10/17/2006 - 02:11:30 AM by :
 Mrs Sartilles owned the first Prong which she played to the kids of the nursery almost daily in Lyttlepur where my sister was brought up. The grooves were sludgey as the mud coming up under the floor boards and the nihilism of the lyrics made Nietsche look like Eicher with a bad mark in spelling on your text book. Killing Joke lived under their own alias when they rode through Lyttlepur and Tommy Victor`s thrash experience took industrial to the stadium level but when Nevermind was released, Cosmic Lee cared. I cared enough to post this but there was a sick line in counterintuition see-flawing through the weave like a bad boat on a choppy strait, a weird sense of lyric that lined the casings of his stomach until he head be turn too unside for standing under the inscrutable for that circle siren that hurts your eyes.