On Second Thought
Miles Davis - Get Up With It

By: Chris Smith

Posted 05/30/2004 - 07:49:41 PM by Nick_S:
 Good to see that I'm not the only one that sincerely believes this album, despite it's staggering bizarre mix of personalites, is a gem, a classic recording. Heck Brian Eno even name drops the proto-ambient "He Loved Him Madly" in the sleevenotes to "Ambient 4: On Land" Any fans of Supersilent's work need to check this album out, especially for thah track. And while the bug-eyed freak out of "Calypso Frelimo" is sloppy and strange, I think I love it more than most of the music on Miles' records. I really prefer this more out-there approach to sound. It's even less clear-cut, due primarily to its sheer scope, than "On The Corner." The aformentioned "Rated X" is also noteworthy for it's proto-jungle beatz. Amid those wacked out clusters/ drones that Miles pounds out, are some brilliant, furious junglesque grooves from the drummer. To me it is strange that "Bitches Brew", "In a Silent Way", and even "On the Corner" have been more or less canonized, whereas this bafflingly imaginative double set nearly gets left out of the narrative completely. I find the same with Alice Coltrane's work: my favourites: "Eternity" and "Universal Consciousness" despite their ahead-of-their-time-to-the-point-of-E.S.P. stylings, it is "Journey In Satchidananda" and "Ptah, the El-Daoud" that receive all of the praises. Anyone who loves the stylistic mess of Alice's "Eternity" or admires out-there fusion/ psychedelic improv with strange studio effects needs to investigate. I find that surprising that even in a time where Krautrock and psych have become real hot-topics, albums like this one and the aforementioned ones of Alice Coltrane's have not been dusted off and given due reverence.