With the Lights Out

Reviewed by: Mike Shiflet
Reviewed on: 2004-12-03

Posted 12/03/2004 - 10:40:08 AM by dubidet:
 And people wonder why Cobain killed 'imself. This review not only atriculates Cobain's/Nirvana's aesthetic being-pulled-every-which-way by third and fourth and fifth parties, it also gives a fat, lunky digit in the eye to Geffen - and deservedly goddamn so. Top job, Shif.
Posted 12/03/2004 - 01:58:24 PM by tttTJ3ttt:
 I second that...finally someone tells it like it is with this waste of a box set.
Posted 12/03/2004 - 04:24:01 PM by JT_Ramsay:
 Two words: loss leader. The place: that little music shoppe known colloquially as Tar-jay. The price: $27. at that price, nobody, except smaller stores, loses!
Posted 12/03/2004 - 05:47:04 PM by IanMathers:
 So, uh, where does the title come from?
Posted 12/04/2004 - 09:25:18 AM by downloadsofist:
 The idea of "next time around" (another box set) is scary. Time to close the book on this great band's short career and enjoy what we have.
Posted 12/05/2004 - 09:42:46 PM by tallcool1_69:
 I'm obviously alone in this here but i don't mind the set at all. No mention of the dvd here i notice - why not? The set basically shows the progression of the band and while disc 1 won't get a lot of plays, 2 and 3 are quite reasonable, and the dvd not bad. That said, its for the completist only - no point in getting it if you don't already have their other stuff. I'd give it an 8 as a document of the band though.
Posted 12/06/2004 - 11:33:39 AM by shiflet:
 Tallcool, I didn't mention the DVD because I felt the review was getting too long & didn't want to spread it as thin as this set. Our differences of opinion are exactly what I'm talking about at the end. Even as documentation, this is not very complete and definitely more focused on the singer-songwriter aspect of the band than the guitar-smashing energy they displayed on stage and on record. Hence my score.