Josephine Foster
Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You

Locust Music
Reviewed by: William S. Fields
Reviewed on: 2005-04-13

Posted 05/09/2005 - 11:09:24 AM by johnwirtz:
 I couldn't disagree more with mr.fischer's snide critique of Josephine Foster - both music and person - as she strikes me as one of the more completely inventive musicians around. Difficult? Yes. Endlessly rewarding, absolutely. For a writer evidently concernd with "ethical accountability", Fields ought to be ashamed of himself for jabs at foster's person: "She is difficult to approach and, compared to her tour alumnae, Newsom and Banhart, more difficult to like at first sight (it took me three)". Ethics? What ethics? I'd invite Fields to stick with the music but that will require him to get past the countless hours he likely spends gazing at his navel and furrowing his brow first.