Glasgow Sunday

Corwood Industries
Reviewed by: Mike Powell
Reviewed on: 2005-06-03

Posted 06/05/2005 - 04:02:46 PM by Shinji:
 I can't say I've ever "got" Jandek. I watched a clip of him at this show a year or so back. Frankly I thought it was a steaming pile of shit. The guy wasn't singing remotely on key, and I'm fairly sure his guitar had never been in tune since the day it was made. However, the lyrics you've included for us are quite interesting. I'm inclined to think, having read these lyrics, that Jandek will be like Bread in that he's largely unappreciated, but will be covered by future music darlings such that his work can be shared with the masses. Perhaps one of you blokes at Stylus that "gets" Jandek would be so kind as to post an article in the vein of "Jandek for Dummies" to introduce his work to the rest of us. I know I'd appreciate it and be interested.
Posted 07/28/2005 - 06:43:54 AM by suizen:
 A second compilation of Jandek covers was recently released: I think it's called Down in a Mirror...Mountain Goats, Jeff Tweedy, Six Organs of Admittance, and random other people. Some are shit--but some of them are really, really good. A mixed bag, but it might give you a bit of a head start. As it is, I think you're dead on: Jandek's style is a little hard to swallow, and there are no easy handholds--but his work is brilliant, and will eventually be gentrified.