Thee More Shallows
More Deep Cuts

Reviewed by: Peter Funk
Reviewed on: 2005-08-23

Posted 08/23/2005 - 04:12:30 PM by RavingLunatic:
 Very good review, the best I've seen in a while. Also, very apt comparison to the Notwist's "Neon Golden," another one of my all-time favorites. The only problem I have is that this album didn't get an 'A' and wasn't Album of the Week.
Posted 08/23/2005 - 04:15:37 PM by RavingLunatic:
 Oh, I forgot to mention that the cover art shown is incorrect. I own a copy and the cover art is much better and more fitting to the enotional feel of the album. It's a few dead frogs lying on their backs holding bows and with arrows stuck in their bodies. You really have to see it.
Posted 08/23/2005 - 10:46:06 PM by nicemanwashing:
 Is your name really Peter Funk?! Great name. Great review too - I must check these guys out.
Posted 08/24/2005 - 02:51:45 PM by pmacfunk:
 Ever since I was born.