The Roots

Reviewed by: Brett Berliner
Reviewed on: 2003-09-01

Posted 03/22/2006 - 02:08:03 AM by Colage:
 I\'ve never posted here before, and likely never will again, but this had to be said. Brett, do you consider yourself to be a fan of the Roots? Are you one of the \"many fans of the Roots [who] don\'t know that Black Thought is the only MC of the group\'s lineup\"? Because most fans would inform you that that\'s completely and utterly untrue. Tariq (aka Black Thought) is, in my opinion, the best MC in the Roots crew - possibly one of the best of all time - but up until this album, there was a second MC in the Roots lineup: Malik B. He rarely toured with the group, so Tariq handled his vocals live, for the most part, but he was an integral member of the group in the studio. He left the group in the year 2000 due to drug problems. That was actually the inspiration for the epic water, which makes a whole lot more sense than whatever the hell it was that you said. Read the liners...get it now? At least you got the score right.
Posted 08/11/2006 - 06:02:13 AM by amsegall:
 I agree, Colage: Malik B was an integral part of the Roots sound (has this reviewer even listened to Things Fall Apart?), and so I read, he's back for the new album, Game Theory. And this forgets fringe Mc's like Dice Raw, too. Silly man.